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Can Smoke Damage in Your Home Upset Your Health?

When you’ve had a fire in your home, you know it’s necessary to get fire damage repair services. Yet, the other thing you should respect as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very invasive and can get into everything in your home, including furniture, walls and any space in your property. The soot can impair your belongings and the lingering odors are disagreeable. With our background as a fire damage restorations company, Paul Davis knows how irritating smoke damage is, but we also understand how hazardous it is as well. Damages from smoke need to be taken care of properly, because it isn’t safe to remain in a location where a fire has occurred.

After taking care of a fire, it’s understandable that you’d forget about getting the smoke damage re-mediated after you’ve gone through the experience involving a home fire. Yet, it’s important to have the soot and smoke removed of correctly because smoke damage can affect your health, and it isn’t safe to live under these circumstances. In order to prevent health issues later on, you should get an expert to remove the smoke damage from your home.

What Smoke Damage Can Do to Your Health

What are the dangerous effects from smoke damage? First off, tar is one of the things left from smoke, and we’ve been taught that inhaling tar can cause significant damage to our lungs. Something thing you really need to watch out for is carbon monoxide. Even if all the smoke damage is out of the area, carbon monoxide can remain. The harmful gas is invisible, odorless and tasteless, and if inhaled, it can prevent oxygen from getting to your brain and heart. One of the experts from Paul Davis can come to your home after a home fire and inspect your carbon monoxide levels for your safety.

Alongside carbon monoxide, tar and other particles, the typical health complications that can arise from smoke damage consist of:

  • Respiratory Issues – When smoke damage is ignored, the dangers of breathing in carbon monoxide and other residue can make breathing troublesome and can cause lung and sinus issues. Just because your property is clear from smoke contamination doesn’t mean it’s safe or secure to live in. Your furniture and carpet could be embedded with small particles that could simply be inhaled into the lungs. That’s why it’s crucial to clear away, not just smoke, but any smoke damage after you’ve had a fire.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is embedded in your furniture, clothing and carpets can cause minor, or even major, skin irritation that can’t be treated from lotion. That’s why it’s necessary to have your personal belongings treated from smoke damage.
  • Eye Irritation – Watery, red, itchy eyes are a typical concern derived from smoke residue lingering in your home. If the issue isn’t taken care of, not only will your eyes be exasperated, but more harm could be done to them.

Don’t Let Smoke Damage Affect Your Health – Let the Professionals Remove It

Having fire damage repair and smoke contamination removal isn’t only beneficial for your residence, but also your well-being. If you’ve had a fire in your property, you can count on the fire damage repair experts at Paul Davis. Reach out to us at 888-473-7669 and a franchise near you will be on their way to assist.